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Who we are

The South East London Region no longer operates as such, however the areas that used to be served by the region are now covered by the Surrey and Sussex and Kent regions.

These pages remain live as a record of the fantastic times many of us have had riding with the group in the past, and the tremendous dedication and hard work applied by the previous regional officers Neville and Tricia.

We are (were) the South East London Region of the United Kingdom Tandem Club.

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Neville Frost & Tricia Anderson

Neville and I were Regional Officers for the South East London Region since 1996 and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences with the Tandem Club. We attended all National and International Rallies since then and had great fun on our own regional weekends and rides. For several years now the 3 Regions of South East England (South East London, Kent and Surrey & Sussex) have supported each other closely. As the South East England group we’ve hosted two very successful National Rallies; in 2005 at Sandwich, Kent and in 2010 at Ringmer, East Sussex.

I am now left on my own as my wonderful captain and husband, Neville, died very suddenly whilst we were at the 2010 Easter Rally at Ilam. As a result the group has been shut-down, the relevant postal code areas being taken on by neighbouring regions.

Do look through our website, which Neville created, as it has loads of information, including pictures, about what the group has been up to.

Our rides were usually on Sundays, with some weekend events. Our day rides (usually on the 4th Sunday of each month) were normally around 40 miles long (less in colder weather) and we invariably stopped for coffee, lunch and tea. In past years we have also organised Family/Easy Rides of 20 to 30 miles between April and October (usually on the 1st Sunday of each month), but have currently dropped these rides as there seemed to not be a need for them. Ride starting places were anywhere in south east England, to allow a variety of areas to be covered - possibly by driving for those with cars, or by starting near a railway station.

Tricia Anderson-Frost

Where we are

Our region covered the London postal codes of BR (Bromley), CR (Croydon), EC (East Central London), SE (South East London) and SW (South West London). We covered the south bank of the River Thames from Barnes Bridge in the west to Thamesmead in the east as well as a small area to the north of the river around South Kensington, Belgravia, Westminster and the City. Landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the Millennium Dome were all within our region. To the south we reached as far as Wimbledon and Raynes Park in the west and to Biggin Hill, Pratt's Bottom, Orpington and Swanley in the east. However, as much of this area is built up and very busy with motor vehicles, we rarely rode in the area and tended to frequent more picturesque and traffic free areas outside of London. We were more than happy to be joined by tandem riders from anywhere.


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Join us

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If you'd like to become a member of the UK Tandem Club. Details can be found on the main United Kingdom Tandem Club site under Join the Club.

Disabled & Visually Impaired Cyclists

Whilst we in the South East London Region have no specific facilities for disabled cyclists, the main United Kingdom Tandem Club has a Disabilities Liaison Officer. Link to the main United Kingdom Tandem Club site's Disabled & Visually Impaired Cyclists page for details.

Tandem Hire

The main United Kingdom Tandem Club site has a limited list of Tandem Hirers.

Kids & Tandems

The main United Kingdom Tandem Club site has an excellent section showing the various ways of transporting children by cycle/tandem entitled: - Carrying Kids on Tandems.

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